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Every Award is a result of an excellent Teamwork where everyone has put in all his best to make it happen.
Manner Schnitten:
Häagen Dazs - Anthem:           
Showtime - Poem:                    
Mercedes-Turns into:                
Barcardi Bombay Sapphire:      
Starhub - e-city:                         
CCA - Silver Venus, EFFIE Platinum
Clio - Bronze; LIAA - Gold
NYFestival - Gold, Clio Award - Finalist, Animago - 1st place
Mobius Award - Gold, NYFestival - Finalist      
Mobius Award - 2nd Place
Hugo Award - Silver; telly Award 3x 1st Place, Mobuis Award - 1st place
Ojo de iberoamerica - 1st Place, FIAP - 1x Silver 4x Bronze, LIAA - Finalist           
PromaxBDA - 4x BDA World Gold Award, 1x Silver


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