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Welcome to my homepage!

I started my career in 1999 at ARRI Digital Film in Munich. There, I learned the trade by working hands-on in many different departments from the lab to film recording to sound mixing and all the way up to CGI animation. Arri´s ideal professional environment gave me the opportunity to become well-versed in the fundamentals of film post-production.

From there I moved on to the reputed film production Velvet Media Design in Munich. At Velvet, I gained all of the necessary skills and knowledge of film production trade on a national and international Project basis.

The combination of gaining such versatile knowledge and working in these two environments hands on, opened up new opportunities for me and in 2010 I accepted an incredible offer for a 2 year managing directors position at OPTIX Berlin; the new branch of Optix Digital Pictures in Hamburg.

Starting in April 2013, I will be available as a Freelancer in both the film post prodction and film production branches.

My Services include:

  • Calculations, estimations, organization and research for VFX Projects.

  • Research and coordination to provide the best solutions for Productions  according to there budgets.

  • Consultance for CGI-focused projects.

  • DI and Film Workflow Handling for day to day Postproduction business.

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